The simple side

Delivery anywhere in South Africa for only R79

If your order is over R1000 your delivery is free and you only need to pay for your order.

The complicated stuff (Delivery Policy)

Delivery Rates

We charge a flat rate of R79 incl VAT per delivery anywhere in South Africa. Some items may incur a delivery surcharge, this surcharge will reflect on the item page and should be noted when purchasing these item. All orders are delivered using accredited courier companies. Optional insurance on orders in transit is available at a rate of 2% of the total value of goods in transit.

Delivery Period

We here at try our best to get your orders out as soon as possible, orders are usually ready for collection and collected by our courier company within 2 to 4 working days from the date of order and/or confirmation of payment. Delivery takes approximately 2 to 4 working days once collected and is solely dependent on the courier company. Delivery may take longer than the usual time as stated above due to the items on your order being out of stock either through or one of our suppliers, A delay in confirmation of payment through our bank, your delivery address qualifies as a remote region by the courier company, bad weather conditions, and any other reason that may justify a cause of late delivery.

Please note : Orders will only be sent out for delivery once we can confirm payment through our bank, to assist in this process please ensure that on EFT payments you include your order number as a reference on your payment.


An optional insurance is available on good in transit at a rate of 2% of the total value of goods in transit. recommends this option to all customers on goods of high value or goods being delivered to high risk areas. Once any order is collected by the courier company shall no longer be liabile for such goods to the customer and liability of such goods will be transfered to the consumer.


Once an order has been collected by the courier company, the customer will receive an email notification along with the courier company used and a tracking number to track your order. The tracking number can be used to contact the courier company regarding the whereabouts of your order. The status of orders which have not yet been sent out for delivery can be viewed on the my account page of your account (Login is required).

Returns Policy

Dead On Arrival Return (DOA)

If a item is purchased from and arrives DOA (Dead On Arrival), we will credit the customer with a gift voucher to the full value of the item or swap the item with a replacement item. This is not a optional service and is solely the decision of In order for this policy to be in effect, we require the customer to contact us within 48hrs of receiving the item/s.

Should a item arrive DOA we require all item/s included in delivery to be return to the offices, collection will be arranged by with our courier company at the original delivery address or any address within the same region as the original delivery address, if pre-arranged with accepts all cost of collection and delivery of replacement items for DOA items, however should a item arrive DOA the customer will be requested to pay a deposit equivalent to the delivery rate of the region of collection. Should the customer fail to return all item/s they will be responsible for any cost incurred for the return of such items via the courier partner, such return costs will need to be paid prior to arrangement of collection for those items. Should the customer fail to return such item/s to within 72hrs after the original DOA return application the customer agrees herein to transfer all rights of ownership to of any items returned.

Should a item be returned to with no fault found the customer agrees to forfeit their deposit and will be responsible for any costs of return delivery of such items to the customer. reserves the sole right to return any items which are not found faulty or to replace such items. Delivery costs must be paid before any return delivery will be made. Any items returned through our DOA policy which are not found faulty may be subject to credit through our credit policy, solely at the discretion of

Should a item be returned to and found to be faulty, reserves the right to examine the item, or have the item examined by a third party for cause of fault. Should it be found that cause of fault was through negligence by the customer or any corporate body or individual appointed by the customer to assemble, insert, install, modify or any other means of utilizing the item, the customer therefore revokes of any liabilities of such item or cost of collections and delivery and agrees to reimburse for any cost incurred to come to such conclusion and forfeits any deposits paid to for collection of items. If no fault through negligence is found agrees to replace or credit the customer a gift voucher equivalent to the purchase value of the original item at the sole discretion of

7 Days Failure

Should any Item/s fail within 7 Days of the date of purchase, we will credit the customer a gift voucher or swap the item with a replacement item, subject to all DOA terms. However there will be a handling and restocking fee on these returns at no less than 10% of the purchase value of these item/s. This fee will be charged to the customer and must be paid prior to delivery of any replacement items or will be deducted from the credit applied to any gift vouchers.

Warranty Returns

All items purchased through with a valid warranty are subject to these warranty terms and the original manufacture's terms. Should you have any defective items please contact with regard to where these item should be returned/sent for repairs to. All warranty items come with a return to base warranty unless otherwise stated. Most warranty items come with manufacture warranties and should be returned directly to our suppliers or to the manufacture's accredited repair agent. will gladly advise you where warranty items should be returned to. All warranties are valid from date of purchase from our suppliers and not date purchased by our customers. This is important as items held in stock for longer periods of time may not contain the warranty period as stated on the website, if you are unsure with regard to the warranty of any items please feel free to contact us using the contact form available on the website.


Credit is only given in the form of a Gift Voucher, any reference's to credit on any page of the website should be viewed upon as a Gift Voucher unless otherwise stated. Should a customer request in writing a cash credit, may at our sole discretion agree to pay such credit directly into a South African Bank account.

7 Days Return

All customer's reserve the right to request a return of any item/s purchase through within 7 Days of accepting delivery. This return policy is not provided as a product trial period and any goods which have been tampered with, damaged, opened, used or are not returned in a reasonable condition to be resold will not be credited. Items returned should be well packaged, and clearly labelled with the details of the returnee and the original order number or invoice number. The customer is responsible for paying the costs of collection for any returned items, these costs will be determined based on delivery cost by to an equivalent region. Collection cost must be paid in full prior to arrangement of collection, should collection costs not be paid within 72hrs of request of return; the customer agrees to withdraw their request of return for any items. reserve the right to decline the return of any items, should such items arrive at the warehouse in a condition which could be considered not suitable for resale. All credit will be calculated on the rate of the original purchase invoice, or the current sale rate at which time credit is given to for such item; whichever is lesser. All returned items are subject to a 20% or R500.00(whichever is greater) of value handling and restocking fee, no matter the circumstances of return, which will be subtracted from the credit total prior to payout of any credit.

Software, CD's or any items which are capable of being duplicated, tampered with, used in a form of which cannot be detected by are not subject for return.